Top Restaurants In The Salem Oregon Area

Top Restaurants In The Salem Oregon Area

Salem, the capital of Oregon is one of the best places to live across the country. Nestled in Oregon’s northwest region in the center of Willamette Valley, the city is relatively safe to live in. Salem’s violent crime rate is remarkably lower than the national average which makes it a great city for families. Residents enjoy easy access to great amenities, schools, as well as quality and affordable healthcare. Interestingly, Salem is famous for its great restaurants known for serving Northwest cuisines. Below are the top restaurants in Salem, Oregon.

Top Salem Oregon Restaurants

1. Acme Cafe

ACME Cafe in Salem, Oregon, is a local pioneer in New American cuisine. The restaurant is known for serving homemade delicacies made from scratch in a neighborhood atmosphere. Acme Cafe is a perfect spot for a date night as its contemporary interior designs reflect. The restaurant’s hardwood floors, behind-the-counter diner kitchen, wood tabletops, light-colored walls, visible HVACs, as well as a track and pendulum lighting all combined to give it an inviting aura.

Salem Oregon restaurants

The restaurant relies on locally sourced ingredients to make their delicious cuisines. Some of these sumptuous ingredients include shallots, Parmesan rockfish, black pepper, chicken/fried chicken, parsley, as well as seared rockfish with lemon butter. Acme Cafe serves all dinners with two sides.

2. Amadeus Cafe

Amadeus Cafe strongly believes that every customer deserves great food and service. Housed in the historic Grey Building in Salem, Amadeus Cafe’s modern interior design offers an aura of re-freshness and casualness. Along with light-colored walls, visible HVACs and high ceilings, dark wood furnishings, hardwood floor along with multiple dining areas make the Amadeus Cafe a great spot for date night.

Salem Oregon restaurants

The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients to prepare and serve fork-to-mouth cuisines. So, what should you expect on the menu anytime you visit? Grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, Korean fried chicken, Latin herb sauce, spiced lamb, asparagus, as well as wild-caught Coho with sautéed cabbage. No doubt Amadeus Cafe is one of the top restaurants in the Salem area in Oregon.

3. Annette’s Westgate Cafe

Annette’s Westgate is a restaurant that serves an all-American menu which includes items such as coleslaw, salmon fish and chips, rib eye steak, French fries, meatloaf, and Alaskan salmon. This restaurant is a favorite spot for many families especially its all-day breakfast and the tantalizing salad bar.

Salem Oregon restaurants

Annette’s Westgate Cafe is also known for serving large portions of meals and its calming surrounding makes it a comfortable spot for customers. The restaurant’s interior design including its visible HVACs, large pane windows, dark wood furnishings, ceiling fans, two-toned walls, and a dog-friendly outdoor dining area makes it a welcoming and inviting spot for customers.

4. Bentley’s Grill

The culinary team of Bentley’s Grill prepares foods from ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest to reflect seasonal changes on their dynamic menu. Selected delicacies on Bentley’s Grill menu include cheese and burnt end Mac, filet mignon, grilled New York steak, free-range chicken, and seafood stew.

Salem Oregon restaurants

Bentley’s Grill is housed inside The Grand Hotel. The ambiance of the restaurant reflects in its barrel ceilings, large pane windows, show kitchen, cushioned dining booths, polished hardwood floors, as well as a romantic indoor fire pit that makes the restaurant a perfect spot for a romantic date night.

5. Bo & Vine Burger Bar

Bo & Vine Burger Bar is the brainchild of three friends in Salem who opened the restaurant in 2017. As expected, the restaurant is a perfect spot for friends to hang out, enjoy tasty burgers and even drink beer. Bo Vine and Burger Bar boast of a beautiful urban space with clean lines and a moderate vibe.

Salem Oregon restaurants

The bar is beautifully designed with pendant lights, an edgy urban wall mural, white walls, a bank of date night booths, and a shinning copper counter front combined to make this restaurant an idle relaxation spot in Salem. Various guests at the restaurant can dine al fresco on a front patio that accommodates up to 16 guests.

All burgers at the Bo & Vine Burgers are hand made along with tater tots and French fries which are served with tasty sauces. Even the milkshakes are handmade. Guests are allowed to opt for their favorite toppings, bun, patty, and even sauces to make a burger.

6. Christos Pizzeria

If you’d like to enjoy Italian cuisines made from freshest ingredients, head straight to Christos Pizzeria. This amazing Salem Oregon restaurant has been serving classic Italian-American foods in Salem since 1997. Housed in the Little Italy neighborhood of Salem, the Christos Pizzeria strongly believes that serving Italian cuisines is only done right using the freshest ingredients.

Salem Oregon restaurants

Even the pizza dough is prepared from fresh daily. Perhaps this explains why every guest has a remarkable experience each time they visit. Aside from pizza, some of the entrees on the restaurant’s menu include grilled rib-eye steak, pasta Alfredo, veal, chicken marsala, linguine, and clams, as well as beef braised short ribs.

7. DaVinci Ristorante

For over two decades, the DaVinci Ristorante has been leading Italian dining in Salem. Known as one of the pioneering Italian Salem Oregon restaurants in the Willamette Valley, DaVinci Ristorante is a classic example of exquisiteness. The restaurant’s design showcases a red tile floor, ornate iron, a cozy loft, impeccable wood furnishing and finishes, candelabra-style chandeliers, plush leather seating, and a cozy loft makes the DaVinci Ristorante one of the most sought-after restaurants for a romantic dinner.

Salem Oregon restaurants

This restaurant only relies on the freshest available ingredients for making all their cuisines and it changes based on the season. Some of the key items on their menu include a five-course Chef’s Tasting Menu, veal Milanesa, center-cut filets, and pork medallions using only the freshest ingredients which makes the restaurant an in-demand choice across Salem.

8. Gamberetti’s

It takes an extraordinary performance to be an award-winning eatery anywhere across Salem, Oregon. Perhaps, this is why Gamberetti’s is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Salem. Gamberetti’s is an award-winning restaurant serving genuine Italian cuisines. Its contemporary design features visible wood beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, Tuscan-colored walls which creates a lively and welcoming aura, Soft pendant lighting, and a loft dining area all combined to make the restaurant a perfect spot for a date night.

Salem restaurants

Gamberetti’s menu is a combination of classic dishes, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. Regular menus include traditional meals such as Chicken Piccata – panko-crusted chicken with white wine and lemon and a side of fettuccine, Cioppino – a house special with lobster, shrimps, clams in a red broth that is as spicy as it is rich.

9. Gerry Frank’s Konditorei

Since 1982, Gerry Frank’s Konditorei in Salem has been serving sandwiches, soups, and salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a wine list. This household name bakery/cafe with multiple color schemes (black, white, white and red) has a design that showcases black and white checkered floors, white walls with red trim, as well as large windows having a view of the street.

Salem restaurants

If you’re looking for a perfect spot for an afternoon date, this restaurant’s light-colored wood bistro tables and chairs, as well as the fresh flowers centerpieces makes it a delightful scene for lovers. Though the name Koditorei means a pastry/cake shop in German, Gerry Frank’s Konditorei has more than just sweets on its menu.

10. Gilgamesh Brewing

Gilgamesh Brewing was once in the woods of Turner, Oregon before relocating to Salem. As one of Salem Oregon restaurants, Gilgamesh Brewing is now housed in a location that runs along Pringle Creek. The modern and elegant restaurant’s design showcases visible beams, two outdoor patios (one uncovered and the other covered) industrial lighting, a stone fireplace, industrial lighting, hardwood floors, facing a creek that runs along the back of the building.

Salem restaurants

The calm aura of the restaurant’s settings is idle for a romantic date night. Gilgamesh brewing uses locally sourced ingredients and only the freshest make it to their kitchen. The restaurant’s menu features American and global dishes. The regulars include Vampire Slayer cheese ravioli and steak with Yukon Golds as well as grilled steelhead. In addition, Gilgamesh Brewing serves a range of house brews with a fancy motto that reads “There’s a beer for everyone.”

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